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2014.11.7 Candygurus.com gives Tasty Review to Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candy's New Meyer Lemon & Raspberry Flavor


"While these look nice, they’re all about flavor. The first note you get is the juicy raspberry-it jumps off the candy on you. Really nice and true, it’s quite literally salivating fodder. However, and this is why I adore these candies, soon after, the Meyer lemon kicks in. Anyone worth their salt knows that lemon is a slam dunk pairing with raspberry-but the flavor they got out of the Meyer lemons is amazing. Yes, it’s lemony, but what knocked me out was the presence of the lemon zest/rind. In the best way possible, it brings in a slight bitter note to offset the sweet raspberry and tart lemon. All three together? Bliss. Candy bliss."  Read full story here: -Candygurus.com

"Torie & Howard have once again caught lightning in a bottle and attained the best of both worlds: real ingredients responsibly made, and kick ass slammin’ flavor."

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