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2014.7.23 Torie & Howard Organic Candy featured in Conecticut Magazine Blog: A Connecticut Company Wants to Change the Way People Eat Candy


"As a kid, Torie Burke loved the artificial food coloring in candy.

"I used to run around with a blue tongue thinking it was really fun,” she recalls, but that was because she didn’t know how potentially unhealthy food coloring was. “Now as an adult I look back and I’m like, ‘Wow, that was basically like putting paint on my tongue.’”

Today, Burke (right) still loves candy, and as the cofounder of Torie & Howard, a company that makes specialty organic hard candy, she’s dedicated to providing it to health conscious consumers in as natural and least harmful way as possible." - full story here: Connecticut Magazine

"While still candy, Torie & Howard’s sweets are treats you can enjoy without the guilt.

“This is a dedicated moment when you’re having a little sweet treat in the afternoon, it’s three grams of sugar, just under a teaspoon, and it’s 12 calories,” explains Burke. “ It’s a moment; you’re not grabbing a bag of popcorn and you’re not eating a whole candy bar that’s 150, or 180, or 200 calories. It’s just a sweet-treat little moment where you can indulge and not take on 100 calories.”

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