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2017-7-26 Torie & Howard - Review by The Healthy Magpie


My Quest for Healthy PCOS Pregnancy Snacks

The Healthy Magpie

July 26, 2017

When you just gotta have that sugar in your PCOS pregnancy (or life in general)

One Sunday I was grocery shopping and I just needed candy. Fruity candy. Suddenly. Badly. Had to have it. I happened upon Torie and Howard organic fruit chews and bought them on a whim. It’s kind of a problem. My husband and I are both now addicted. They are essentially organic versions of Starbursts, but better. These amazing little fruity wonder chews are GMO-free, organic, dairy free, soy free, corn syrup free, gluten free, wheat free and don’t have artificial dies. But they are still candy. They still have citric acid, rice syrups and things like that. And they are manufactured in a facility with nuts (if you have a nut allergy). But these are by far the best organic fruity candies I have found.

Source: http://healthymagpie.com/healthy-habits/my-quest-for-healthy-pcos-pregnancy-snacks-glucose-tolerance-test-organic-candy-snack/

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