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2018-9-18 CSP online Story - The 5 Fastest Growing Candy Segments


The 5 Fastest-Growing Candy Segments

Chewy candy is the fastest-growing segment of the $8 billion non-chocolate segment, estimated to reach $4.3 billion in 2018 for a 36% increase over six years, according to Mintel. This January, Starburst from Mars Wrigley Confectionery is releasing Starburst Duos, colorful fruit chews that combine two flavors into one square-shaped candy. Two flavor combinations are Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Strawberry Watermelon. And Torie & Howard debuted a three-tier countertop display holding 54 Chewie Fruities stick packs, including 18 packs each of Sour Berry, Sour Apple and California Pomegranate & Sweet Freestone Nectarine flavors. The display stands 17.5 inches high, with a 6- by 10-inch footprint.

Photograph courtesy of Torie & Howard

2018-7-12 Convenience Store Products CSP - 7-Eleven to Stock Independent Candy Brand - Torie & Howard Stickpacks

Convenience Store Products - "7-Eleven to Stock Independent Candy Brand - Torie & Howard's Organic Candy. NEW MILFORD, Conn. -- Organic candy brand Torie & Howard has reached the big leagues. The company has revealed that its Chewie Fruities Stick Packs are now available in select 7-Eleven locations and other convenience-store chains nationwide.The 2.1-ounce stick [...]

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2018-2-9 Candy Gurus Review Torie & Howard Sour Chewie Fruities

"Sour Apple:Wow. How many iterations of sour apple candy have you had? If you’re like me, an 80’s kid, then you’ve had at least 200 I’m thinking. This one is as good as any I’ve tried. Further, there’s something extra to it. When you’re done eating it, you get this [...]

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2018-1-29 Torie & Howard Featured as Guilt Free Valentine's Treat

"With Valentine's day approaching quickly, you start to wonder what to give your friends, family and significant others. Flowers? Candy? Chocolates are delicious in the moment but leave you feeling guilty after. Here are 10 Valentines treats that are absolutely guilt-free.....6.Torie & HowardTorie and Howard is a brand that brings a whole new way of [...]

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2018-1-11 Fabsta Reviews Toward & Howard

"It’s halfway through January. You were so determined on your New Year resolution to eat healthier. But that sweet tooth craving has called. (We all know the sound of the sweet tooth) It is an irresistible call, one that tells us of the instant gratification of a sugar rush. You stop by Target on the [...]

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2017-4-27 Torie & Howard - Introducing Stick Packs of Organic Chewie Fruities


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2017-8-23 Torie & Howard - Chewie Fruites Wins Buyer’s Choice Award for Best Non-Chocolate at Orlando ECRM event

Three earn Buyer’s Choice Awards at Orlando ECRM eventCandy Planning: Everyday & Summer Seasonal show held Aug. 13-17 at the Rosen Centre Hotel attracts new industry participants.ECRM hosted its annual Candy Planning: Everyday & Summer Seasonal event Aug. 13-17 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Fla., where new and previously attending manufacturers showcased more [...]

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2017-8-2 May 2017 Torie & Howard-Orangeglad Subscription Box - Hard Candy Review

May 2017 OrangegladTorie & Howard About the Company: “Coincidentally, along the road somewhere, each of them experienced a health related event that would have a significant impact on their life. For Howard, Losing over a hundred pounds led to a renewed focus on eating as healthy and nutritionally conscious as possible. For Torie, it [...]

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2017-6-19 Torie & Howard - Confectionery News - Candy To Benefit from Amazon-Whole Foods deal By Douglas Yu

Alexa, can I have some organic candy and snacks? Category set to benefit from Amazon-Whole Foods dealBy Douglas Yu+, 19-Jun-2017Amazon will gain deep consumer insights in impulse snacking once it seals a $13.7bn deal for Whole Foods, says an e-commerce consultant. http://www.confectionerynews.com/Retail-Shopper-Insights/Candy-to-benefit-from-Amazon-Whole-Foods-deal-E-commerce-experts

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2017-7-31 Torie & Howard - T&H Names Walt Coleman Senior VP of Sales


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