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No Churn Vegan Pomegranate Ice Cream with a T&H Organic Candy Crunch

Hey guys, thanks for coming to our blog birthday party!

Since this is the first in what will hopefully be many recipes we bring you inspired by our delectable candy we thought we’d start with an birthday party favorite - ice cream!

Full disclosure: this recipe should probably be called Vegan, Gluten Free, Could be Nut Free Too Organic Date Pomegranate Nice Cream with Pomegranate & Nectarine Crunches… BUT that seemed a bit extreme for a recipe with only 6 ingredients. Plus, it would be much too large for a photo caption :)

This recipe has great flavor AND is pretty darn guilt free. Plus, it’s super easy to make so it’s a great stress free dish to serve guests or have your kids whip up over the weekend. After all, we like our parties to be stress free don’t you?

Don’t forget to let us know if you make this recipe and, of course, post it with #makeitliketandh




Candy Confession: Girl on a Candy Mission



It had to be candy!!

As a young girl, it brought me immeasurable joy to stoke my infamous reputation as a the green-tongued-apple-breathed-hard-candy connoisseur of family legend. What I wouldn't do to curate my stash of techno colored candy! - including saving every nickel in anticipation of my renegade death-defying-bike-rides across the forbidden four-lane highway to get to the candy store and secure my loot. (phew)

Decades later, surrounded by a sea of artificial-this and preservative-thats in the candy aisles of store after store, I knew better and I wanted better, and my Girl on a Candy Mission was renewed: To craft the new hard candy classic that achieved the same pleasure quotient I stalked in my youth, but with the game-changing natural formulation to change the candy landscape for good.

 Torie & Howard organic hard candy is made with authentic, personal care, and ingredients we all understand. Today, joyfully I pedal my bike across cleaner, greener highways and byways, fueled by the same passion for candy, but with the sweet satisfaction of delivering a product inspired by the best nature has to offer.

 - Torie, confessed candy freak, and proud of it.


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