Freshly Squeezed Bites, Issue 7

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February 12th, 2022

Happy February! How are we doing on those small daily promises? Regardless, it's a new month - and a fun one at that. It's National Snack Food Month, plus Valentine's Day and National Margarita Day ensue this month, too! We're excited to share thoughts on showing yourself love, along with comfort food ideas and intention-setting strategies.   

Showing a little self-love isn't cliché, it's a necessity. So, similar to small daily promises, we encourage each of you to engage in small acts of self-care. Eventually it'll become easier to prioritize yourself for the long haul, which we all deserve, tbh. We know busy schedules can be hurdles, but even ONE self-care act on ONE day of the week is a great start (self-care Sunday, anyone?) These small efforts might include treating yourself to a yummy meal, booking a massage, taking a few hours to catch up with friends, honing a new skin care routine and more. The possibilities are endless, and you get to determine them!  

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Another great way to treat your mind and body? Food! Plenty of fresh veggies are in season right now and make the perfect ingredients for savory, feel-good vegan chili! Plus, since it's Snack Food Month, you'll definitely want to secure some seriously delicious organic candies from Torie & Howard. 

Our last thoughts for you guys for the month of February involve intention setting. Since an intention setting journal is included in our recent Self-Love Box collab, we figured we'd share some strategies to get the most out of it!   

Set those mindful intentions: 

  • List out some of the values that are most/ important to you. It helps when your values and intentions align.  
  • State your intention, then state a small & repeatable action that might help you attain it.  
  • Be super clear about what you want to achieve and ensure the intention is positive. Move over, negative energy!  
  • Jot down the possible results from achieving the intention. How would achieving it affect your life?  
  • Work to shift your limiting beliefs. Not believing you can achieve your intention is the biggest barrier to reaching it.   
  • Repeat the process for each individual intention (but it's best to focus on just one at a time).   

With that, we’ll leave you to enjoy this fabulous February! Cheers!


Did you know? National Margarita Day is February 22nd! 

Prepare for a boozy blast of deliciousness with Heavenly Hard Candy Rimmed Margaritas. Find the recipe here!

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