Fabsta Toward & Howard Review

Fabsta Toward & Howard Review

Posted on 18th Mar 2020


You were so determined on your New Year resolution to eat healthier. But that sweet tooth craving has called. (We all know the sound of the sweet tooth) It is an irresistible call, one that tells us of the instant gratification of a sugar rush. You stop by Target on the way home from work and are drawn, as if by some dark magic, to the candy aisle. You start to reach for the bag of starbursts. 50% off, just one bite closer to a juicy rush of sugar.

“NO!” You are stronger than this! Do not give up so quickly on those resolutions you were so determined to stay true to this year. Not all candy is created equal, and there is some candy that is better than others. We have great news for you! It is possible to stay true to your resolution of clean eating and still satiate your sugar craving from time to time. That’s why we choose Torie & Howard Organic candies!

Founded by Torie & Howard, an unlikely pair whom so happen to be an interior design guru and a color consultant, are the makers of incredibly delicious, sophisticated sweets made of USDA certified Organic & Kosher certified, non-GMO, and No artificial flavors or colors! Whether you prefer hard candies or the chewie variety, sweet and sour, Torie & Howard are sure to offer you a selection you’ll love.

These candies have distinctive, refined flavors made from real fruit (none of that artificial stuff found in Skittles). As we have a particular weakness for starbursts, we absolutely love their Chewie Fruities ®. These individually wrapped goodies have the same delectable texture of our favorite chewy candies but Chewie Fruities have 100% DV of Vitamin C per serving and come in unique, scrumptious flavors — like meyer lemon and raspberry, blood orange and honey, and, our fave, pomegranate and nectarine. Since they are made of all natural ingredients and contain no corn syrup, these sweets will satiate your sweet tooth without leaving you with a sinking feeling of regret, nor will they give you a falsified chemical flavor induced headache, like so many of our favorite childhood candies.

Not only are Torie & Howard chewies better for you, but they are also better for the planet! Did you know that one third (that’s right, ONE THIRD) of the average consumer’s carbon footprint comes from grocery products? By choosing organic foods, not only are you more likely to get foods with higher levels of vitamins and minerals, but you can reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, chemicals and pesticides that are in non-organic farming pose a massive threat to many species of wildlife — so when you choose to eat organic, you are also protecting all the other creatures that call this earth home.

So, next time you hear the call of the sweet tooth, stop and evaluate your choices. You could break down, ruin your resolution for cleaner eating, and get a massive headache to boot, or you could make a decision that is better for your body and the earth, while not compromising sweet goodness or flavor, with Torie & Howard candies. What do you choose?"

Source: http://fabsta.com/2018/01/11/eats/edit-spotlight-torie-howard/