Who's got extra candy?

Who's got extra candy?

Posted on 27th Dec 2019

Post holiday, or really anytime uses for your Extra Candy.... I’m facing facts here. Could be I went a weensy bit overboard on the candy these past couple of holidays. Because I’m a total candy freak, this is definitely not tragic since there’s really no such thing as leftover candy in my house! But it did get me looking around for some creative things to do with leftover candy. so here we go with some fun ideas!

  • Make colorful stained glass cookies in star, Christmas tree and other shapes, made by @TheAllergyChef - see her facebook page for recipes!

  • Put a mix of Chewie Fruities and our hard candy in a piñata and keep the kids busy working off some extra energy-this is good all year long
  • Holiday fun: Use crushed hard candy to top cookies or cookie bars with zigzag, spiral or other patterns.
  • Chewie Fruities can be used for fun decorations of your Kooky cookies - or use them to decorate the top of crispy rice treat squares or try our hard candy treasures too, they are super cute! 

    See these amazing cookies by @lindseyleeandtheboys 

  • Try rolling dark chocolate truffles in our crushed pomegranate and nectarine candy or white chocolate truffles are delicious coated with our blood orange and honey candies. They’re perfect for the holidays!
  • Sweeten your tea with flavored organic sugar by using any of our hard candy!
  • Crush the candy into very fine pieces and mix it into softened ice cream. Super delicious!!

And then, … there are the cocktails. This is one of our favorites!

  • Wet the rim of your favorite cocktail glass with lime juice then dip/roll the rim in our crushed Pink Grapefruit & Tupelo Honey hard candies. Add a shot of tequila and top it with Sipp Sparkling Ruby Rose organic soda and a squeeze of orange juice! For a little added dash to the garnish, we placed Meyer Lemon & Raspberry and Sour Berry Chewie Fruities on the rim. 

  • We love to think of ways to use our crushed hard candy to create rims on a lot of different drinks. Other favorites are using crushed Meyer Lemon & Raspberry to rim a refreshing lemonade or Arnold Palmer–spiked or not!

Life is sweet. Why not make it even sweeter?!

– Torie, self-confessed candy freak, and proud of it.